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I have always loved photography, inspired by my marvellous mother, Sally Soames, who was one of the very first female professional photographers on Fleet Street. This website and my photographic efforts are dedicated to her. I had stopped taking photographs once the availability of traditional film became difficult and it is only recently that I’ve felt sufficiently comfortable with the quality of digital SLRs. This is a curated collection of photographs taken over the last few years. All my camera equipment is sourced from the best location in Belgium, namely Campion Photo, Rue St Boniface, Brussels: Alain and Didier have vast expertise and have helped me greatly. Equipment used are Nikon bodies, most recently the D5 and D810 but now joined by a fabulous D850 together with a variety of lenses, including some primes such as a 600mm for long range wildlife work and my excellent and superfast 200-500mm which has become the mainstay of my handheld work. All photos are taken in natural light (as my mother taught me), have not been retouched using post production software (such as Photoshop or Lightroom), though they have been cropped when necessary. Why no post production? It’s not because I’m a luddite but rather I want my images to reflect what I saw them when I took the shot, not how I would like them to be had the light been better, or if I had got my setting right.  So, I consciously eschew the benefits and improvements that can come from post production. The images were taken in various locations around the world, in jungles, on ice, in mountains and in more mundane but still lovely locations. All images on this website are copyright protected. If you wish to obtain a licensed copy, send me a message on LinkedIn, I will generally be happy to oblige at no cost  Thanks to Natasia for having originally built this website and to WIX Webmaster Chris Jackson for kindly refreshing and updating it in December 2017. Finally, a big thank you to my lovely wife without whom these photos would not have been taken and who is, herself, a fine photographer, wildlife spotter and occasionally an emergency duopod!

Adopted by baby sea elephant
South Georgia
My day job
72 degrees north
South Georgia
South Georgia
South Georgia
South Georgia
Photographer and friends
Nikon 600mm on walrus duty, Svalbard
The photographer, being a walrus
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